2014 Fall Season

2013 Fall Season

Alright I hope everyone enjoyed their season for the Fall 2014 Dart League. We still have playoffs to go, so feel free to come out and support the teams still battling for the City Championship. Attached is the bracket for the 1st round.

Playoffs will begin on Wednesday 12/3/14 with second round the next day Thursday 12/4/14 - Championship Match will be Thursday 12/11/14 (all games start at 7:30 pm).

LRDA Christmas Party will be 12/18/14 at Smokies in Sherwood click for directions. There will be food and music, trophy presentations, and a $5 LOD with money added by LRDA. Hope all can attend and have a great time.
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LRDA 2014 Fall General Membership Meeting

Fall Membership Meeting

Little Rock Dart Associations general membership meeting was held Thursday July 31, VFW.

A change to the payment of league membership fee was passed - Membership fees will now be split and paid $5 each season (Spring and Winter) instead of $10 at the start of Spring season. Total payment each season is now $20 ($5 Membership + $15 Season Dues).
New members have been voted onto the LRDA Board. Bob Chapo remains President, Anita Duke was elected Vice President, Aaron Killingsworth was elected Secretary, Chris Berry was elected Treasurer, Alan Parker was elected Rules Committee Chairman.
No changes to the rules were approved at the meeting. A motion was made to add a manaditory tiebreaker game to the format to ensure no ties and to add another opportunity for players to get into a game - the motion did not carry. There was a discussion about a possible soft-tip league in future (Tuesday night?) and there is considerable interest in soft-tip darts.

2014 Little Rock Open

Little Rock Open July 11-12 (Fri Sat) FOE - click for directions

Friday July 11

7:00 pm - Blind Draw 501
9:00 pm - Blind Draw Cricket

Saturday July 11
11:00 am - Mixed Trips 601 DI/DO
1:30 pm - Mens Open Doubles "pub series"
2:00 pm - Womens Open Doubles "pub series"
3:30 pm - Men's Singles 501
4:00 pm - Women's Singles 501
5:30 pm - Men's Singles cricket
6:00 pm - Women's Singles cricket
8:00 pm - Blind Draw "pub series" $100 added
10:00 pm - Luck of the Draw (dependent on participation)

LR Open Flyer.pdf
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2014 Spring Season

2014 Spring Season.
There were four divisions this season with trophies awarded to First and Second in each - see Final Standings attachment

LRDA League Champions once again are The Punishers. Contrats to Bob Bettis, Brian Ellithorpe, Ricky Canaday, Shane Wolfe, and Zoltan Lapicz.

The Top 40/16 match results
Mens Top 40 Winner and runner up: Ricky Canaday and Zoltan Lapicz
Womens Top 16 Winner and runner up: Kelly Fleming and Gloria Barnett

See attached lists of final standings and QPA rankings.
Congratulations on a great season!
Any unused envelopes should be turned back in to the league at the end of the season as this will cut down on expenses.

Final Standing, complete season schedule, and playoff bracket - click on the links below.
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