Friday the 13th "Good Luck" of the Draw

Our inaugural "Good" Luck of the Draw was Friday night at Zack's Place, December 13th. Due to the response to this event we anticipate another June 13, 2014.

Thanks to all who came out and supported the "Good" Luck of the Draw and faced Friggatriskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th). We had a great crowd on hand and most everyone brought a few non-perishable food items to donate to Arkansas Food Bank as well as a few cash donations. In all you brought in 178 pounds of food plus $120 in donations, the LRDA also donated $100 to this worthy cause. We were informed by Arkansas Food Bank that this one event contributed to providing between 700 and 800 meals.

Great job LRDA this is a real testament to the kindness and generosity of our members and we appreciate everyone involved in this event from planning to organizing to attending and showing that you care!

We would like to point out that of the cash donations made there was a single donation of $100 by one of our members. At first we thought this was a mistake and tried to return it thinking the wrong denomination was pulled out in the dim smoky light of Zack's Place but were assured this was the contribution they wished to make. It may not appropriate to publish the name here but if you know this person please take time to thank them for their kind act and maybe buy them a drink - they certainly deserve it.

Ton 40 and Ton 80 pins

LRDA awards pins to players for high quality shots made during a season. Pins are awarded for the hitting 140 or 180 in 501 and for hitting a nine count in Cricket. Only one of each pin is awarded each season.

We have realized that this may be unfair to those who prefer to shot at triple 19 in the game of 501 so the Board has decided to recognize shots of 133 and 171. We are not looking to make a new pin for these shots but will award a 140 pin for scoring 133 (seven 19s) and a 180 pin for scoring 171 (nine 19s).

This change has been made effective retroactive to the beginning of this season. If you hit 133 or 171 mark it on the score sheet the same as you would for 140 or 180. If you have already scored 133 or 171 this season have your captain contact the league secretary or make note on the next score sheet indicating the week this happened. The secretary will need to look up the score sheet for that player to verify it and that is why it is helpful to know the week, hopefully team captains still have score sheets for this season. The secretary will not go back and look through previous score sheets without prior notification by a captain.

2013 Fall Season - Final Standings

2013 Fall Playoffs are complete and LRDA has a new League Champion.
Congratulations to 2013 Fall Champion The Punishers - Zoltan Lapicz, Ricky Canday, Brian Ellthorpe, and Shane Wolfe. Check out the picture below - It's gotta be the shoe(laces)

Men's Top 40 and Women's Top 16 Champions/runner-up are: Zoltan Lapicz/Wayne Depriest and Gloria Barnett/Debbie Banks.
In addition to bragging rights winner gets league dues paid for the next full year, runner-up gets dues paid for next season.

Final Standing, complete season schedule with results, and playoff bracket - click on the links below.
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General Membership Meeting - August 8 - VFW

The LRDA General Membership Meeting Thursday August 8, 7:30 at the VFW

At the General Membership meeting a new Rules Committee Chairman was elected and the members present approved the updated version of the rules. These rules can be viewed/downloaded from the LRDA Rules link at the top of this page. Membership also voted to keep Match scoring in place for the upcoming season. A motion was made to allow substitute players but the motion did not get enough votes to pass. Team rosters were turned in for the Fall season which will start Thursday August 15, packets with score sheets and schedules can be picked up at Jouberts Monday August 12 between 6:00 and 7:30. Schedule will be available on the website and updated throughout the season along with the standings.

Good luck to all and shoot well!