Fall 2020 Season

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Fall 2020 Season

Postby Kelly Fleming » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:47 am

Due to the increased Covid19 cases in the state, the Governor has mandated that all Bars close by 11:00 pm until after the holidays. Because of this we are cancelling the end of season party scheduled for December 17.

The Top 40/16 tournament (for current league members only) is still scheduled for Thursday December 10 at the Iron Horse. However there will be some minor changes. First you must be in the door and signed up by 7:15. Second you will have a limited amount of time once you match has been called to get to the line and start throwing or you will be considered a forfeit. Third should the final matches run late, the Bar will stop serving alcohol at 11:00 bar time (that is 10:45 real time). If you exit the bar after that you may not re-enter.

Team Rosters for next season must be turned in to me no later than 5:00 pm January 6th. The Board is scheduled to meet at 6:30 to set the schedule for the next season.
We have sent an email with a list of the various ways you can turn in your rosters to all the dart players we have an email address for. If you did not receive this email and would like to do so please send your request to littlerockdarts@gmail.com

Please be sure your home bar is open and ready for dart players before you send in your rosters. Please make sure you have someone from the Home Team Bar sign the roster before turning it in.

The General Membership meeting for the Fall 2020 Season is currently scheduled for Thursday July 30th at 7:30 PM at the Elks Lodge in North Little Rock. We will be voting in the Board Members for the next 2 years so if you cannot attend please be sure to fill out a proxy vote form and give it to the individual that will be present that you want to cast your ballots. We must have a hard copy of the form. Electronic versions will NOT be accepted at the meeting.

If the date/time or location of the meeting changes we will post an update to it here and send an email out to the LRDA league members for which we have addresses.

You may email the team rosters in prior to the meeting to the littlerockdarts@gmail.com or bring a hard copy to the meeting. The Fall Schedule/Team Folders will be done after the general membership meeting by the new board members.
Playoff Bracket Fall 2020.pdf
Fall 2020 Play off Bracket. Congratulations to Git R Dun for winning the League Championship match.
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Fall 2020 End of season Stats
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