Ton 40 and Ton 80 pins

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Ton 40 and Ton 80 pins

Postby Riceberry » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:55 am

LRDA awards pins to players for high quality shots made during a season. Pins are awarded for the hitting 140 or 180 in 501 and for hitting a nine count in Cricket. Only one of each pin is awarded each season.

We have realized that this may be unfair to those who prefer to shot at triple 19 in the game of 501 so the Board has decided to recognize shots of 133 and 171. We are not looking to make a new pin for these shots but will award a 140 pin for scoring 133 (seven 19s) and a 180 pin for scoring 171 (nine 19s).

This change has been made effective retroactive to the beginning of this season. If you hit 133 or 171 mark it on the score sheet the same as you would for 140 or 180. If you have already scored 133 or 171 this season have your captain contact the league secretary or make note on the next score sheet indicating the week this happened. The secretary will need to look up the score sheet for that player to verify it and that is why it is helpful to know the week, hopefully team captains still have score sheets for this season. The secretary will not go back and look through previous score sheets without prior notification by a captain.
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